Notes from the exploration and selection process for Chico's next Learning Management System

Recommendation to select Blackboard Learn 9.1

blackboard logoFrom the campus announcement released today (January 24, 2011):

A recommendation was presented to the Provost and Council of Academic Deans that Chico State move forward with Blackboard Learn 9.1 which includes Community and Content Systems for increased functionality and ease of use.

While I have not yet had time to summarize all of the information which was synthesized into a recommendation on the LMS, I think the readers of this blog can get from the information provided that the decision was quite close, but taking into effect the many factors of our LMS support teams on campus as well as the concerns of faculty and the priorities of students, Blackboard Learn 9.1 will be the best fit for Chico State.

It’s my hope to continue to provide more information on this blog about the process we used to arrive at the decision both for our own campus stakeholders and for other institutions facing a similar process or decision point. I’ll also continue to chronicle the progress of the implementation plan, including our upcoming pilot courses (Fall 2011) and participation in the Blackboard Upgrade Cohort program, which begins next week.

To communicate more information about our LMS selection and implementation timeline to CSU, Chico faculty, it’s been announced that Academic Technologies will be offering a series of open online webinars in February 2011 to share info and address questions. I’ll be posting about those sessions here, and hope to even post a webinar recording as well.

I appreciate you reading this blog and hope you find it useful. Comments are very welcome – what kind of further information would you like to read? Topics unexplored?

One Response to “Recommendation to select Blackboard Learn 9.1”

  1. Rick Wittsell Says:

    Using Blackboard at Butte and Blackboard/Vista at Chico has always been a good experience and I look forward to working with Blackboard in the future. I coordinate the NSCI 102 course at Chico and run hybrid courses in Natural Resources at Butte. From my experience, I would second this recommendation.