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Faculty access to Vista will be permanently removed on Friday, June 6th, 2014.

Faculty who still have content in Vista can continue to migrate it to Bb Learn using the “Migrate from Vista” tab in Bb Learn until close of business on Thursday, June 5th, 2014.

    • Migration instructions are available on the “Migrate from Vista” tab on your Bb Learn homepage.
  • Faculty who have questions or need additional support migrating content should contact TLP at x6167.


    Vista was fully replaced by Bb Learn in fall 2012. Blackboard no longer supports Vista and it must be decommissioned as there are significant security issues and expenses associated with maintaining unsupported software.

    After faculty access is removed, the technical decommissioning process will begin; it will be completed by the end of June at which time Vista will be completely and permanently eliminated from our environment.

    Based on the information provided by the Registrar (dating back to early 2013), the decommission timelines comply with University processes related to grade challenges.

    A complete project timeline dating back to spring 2013 is included below. Click on “thumbnail for larger version.”

    • Vista timeline

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    After the weekly Blackboard Learn maintenance early Thurs., March 6, 2014, the issue faculty have had with the Discussion area should be resolved.

    If you notice problems still exist for you with Blackboard Learn Discussions (faculty), please DO contact TLP at x6167. Be advised that Blackboard Inc. notified us of this issue as a “known issue” after our repeated pleas for attention to trouble tickets. We do think it should be fixed now.


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    Blackboard Administrators are currently working on resolving the issue of instructors not being able to access the Discussion Board. This issue is not affecting students, only course instructors. Estimated time of resolution is unknown at this time. Here are suggested workarounds until the issue is resolved.

    If you have a “non-graded” discussion: you need to create a content area that is not visible to students (be sure it is Hidden). Select Tools; select Discussions Boards; then select a Discussion Board Forum. Hit Next, then Submit.

    If you have a “graded” discussion: you can access student posts via the “Needs Grading” or the Grade Center area within Blackboard’s Gradebook. This will bring up the familiar inline grading tool.

    If you need assistance you may call the TLP, at 898-6167.


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    We are currently experiencing an issue with the Bb Learn Discussion tool link.

    If an instructor clicks on the Discussion tool link from the course menu, an error displays.

    As a temporary workaround, instructors can access discussion posts through Needs Grading or through the Grade Center.

    This issue does NOT impact students.

    The Distributed Learning Technologies team is working to resolve the issue. TLP will post an update once resolved.


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    Peter DiFalco has accepted a job with a company that will allow him to work from home via telecommute, and for more money! We wish him all the best and hope he will not mind if we continue to send an email from time to time. Peter has done so much for the University in Chico for the last eight years, I can’t begin to recount the many innovative solutions he has come up with. We surely will miss his cheery sense of humor and always willingness to take on one more thing. He has been a true innovator and technical genius within educational technology.

    Be assured that the Technology & Learning Program will be hiring for two positions. We have yet to replace Ann Steckel who is doing very well at Sonoma State, by the way. Peter’s last day will be February 26, if you want to stop by and say good luck.

    -Laura Sederberg, Technology & Learning Program