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One of the challenges faculty face is keeping up with grading and entering grades into the grade book. It certainly helps to have a grade book that is organized, easily managed, and calculates student grades correctly. This article details five effective, yet easy ways to manage the grade center. Included in the article are tips on how to rearrange the columns in the Grade Center, how to place columns into categories, how to lock the students’ running average into an optimal position in the grade center, how to hide irrelevant columns, and how to colorize grade center cells.

For the full explanation to complete these processes, please read the entire story in our Bb Learn Knowledge Base.

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Read the entire article here.

One Response to “Five Easy Ways to Create a Better Grade Center in Bb Learn”

  1. Bob Sprague

    Very helpful Ann, thank you. While I was doing some of these Grade Center tips as I learned them in your training, in this article you add detail and more than a few good approaches for me to try! Thank you!