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Exemplary Online Instruction and the Rubric for Online Instruction are helping CSU Chico faculty redesign and evaluate courses to be effective and exemplary models for others. This TILT Symposium features faculty who have already been recognized for their exemplary work. They will show courses and talk about the process of nominating their course and applying the Rubric for Online Instruction. The experience of going through our EOI program has been identified as a rich and rewarding experience for faculty members. Nominations are open NOW until May 4th. Instructional Technology Consultants in TLP will be happy to help you nominate your course and apply the rubric to it. 

This presentation was given on Thursday, March 5, 2009. Presenters: Denny Gier, Colleen Hatfield, Ann Martin, Laura Sederberg

Watch the archive now through Wimba Classroom.

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